Area of Concern on my intake valve

Okay, HERE is my area of concern on the intake valve seat… I’ve lapped 5 times now, this spot is still there…. Got a nice band all around the valve, but THIS won’t go away… And it feels rough to the touch… Have I got a bad or pitted valve seat? What do I do about it?

(It took me 15 shots to get THIS picture)

Also, while my exhaust valve has a good .010″ clearance (at least, when I put the .006 feeler and .004 feeler together, because my gauge doesn’t HAVE a .010 feeler, what’s up with THAT, I can slide the two into the gap between the tappet and the valve no problem), my intake valve seems kinda tight… If I put the two feelers in there, then hold the valve down slightly with my thumb, I have some trouble pulling the feeler out…. Will I need to grind? And what do I do if I don’t have a bench grinder?!?! (I KNEW I shoulda bought that Princess Auto $40 bench grinder when it was on sale in August!)

Okay, the engine is in at a local machine shop,  Precision Engine…. They say “No problems, we can clean that up just fine, AND grind your valve stem”…. I feel better now….

Now to find a way to pull the steering wheel on Bror so I can do some repairs on it and change out the dash (since I won’t have an engine back until later this week)….

Edit Edit:  and yes, I bought the bench grinder!  But it was only the $25 one
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