Got the engine back this afternoon

RIP, Steve Jobs…

And after a quick supper at the parental units’, back out into the garage to see what I can get done… BIT of a brief setback, tho. While I was out on Tuesday dropping off the engine and picking up plumbing for Kidlet #1’s halloween costume, I decided to pick up a new oil seal installer…

(actually, its a PVC tailpiece for a sink drain… But EXACTLY the right height and diameter for this engine, with a bonus bigger flat side for driving the seals in… but you probably already KNEW that!)

So, got the engine back out into the garage, figured I didn’t have the PTO-side oil seal down low enough, so I thought I’d try out the new seal tool… BONK with the mallet… DOH! The seal went down an eighth of an inch too far… and crooked! Off comes the crankcase cover again! Good thing, tho, ’cause I noticed a bolt I hadn’t torqued in… And I even managed to do it without wrecking the gasket… One question tho… I can see, just from the bit of time the bolts have been in the crankcase, they’ve developed a bit of surface rust…. So I dried them a bit, checked the bolt holes, and greased the bolts… Think that’ll be okay?

Oil seal went back in well with the new tool… Now for the main event… Some pics of the cleaned up valve seat and valve….

The seat….

The valve stem…

The valve face……leanvalve2.jpg

(So, will I need to lap this valve in, now that its been reground?)

All set for valve springs…. I think….

So, any thought/suggestions before I put the springs and keepers back in? I gave the valves a bit of a clean with carb cleaner (since I don’t have any other solvent handy)…

Other thing I got done LAST night were these two….

Got the rims all finished painting up for the 160… Now some valvestems, oh, and tires…. Just rushing before winter REALLY gets here….

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  1. Erin B says:

    Looks good! It would be nice to get the winter tyres sorted out before you are trying to get up the steep part of the driveway again.

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