My next steps with Bror

So, Team Green, one of the other MTF members, asked me last night in the MTF chat room what my next steps will be for Bror… Well, I KNOW the engine runs… But its too cold now here to actually LINE the gas tank. Especially if I want to pull the other three I want to line, clean them all out and line them all at the same time, so as not to waste a whole… what was it? Oh ya, a QUART of the liner… So, next step will be to pull the transaxle outta Bror and haul it inside for a look-see and possible servicing (something to entertain myself during those long dark winter months). Of course, I’ve not even gotten to the FIRST step in this process, and I’ve already hit a snag… The service manual says:

“For ease of transaxle removal, mount tractor on repair stand as shown in Figure 9.”

Here’s Figure 9…

Oooooookay….. NOT sure I can just order that puppy up from Deere. Maybe one of the MTF members has one they can ship me! 

I’m guessing jackstands and lots of lying on my foamy pads on the garage floor is in my near future…

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