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Wally-Work over the past week or so!

Well, been a little busy, so I haven’t been keeping people as up-to-date as I should about where I am with Wally…. So here’s a LONG one for you… Over the past, oh, couple weeks, I’ve snuck out for an … Continue reading

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TINY bits of progress

So, TINY bits of progress this weekend, between yard work and LTGal studying, helping out a friend with my truck, going to barbecue’s and other various life problems… You can see at the end of what we’ve gotten done, we’ve … Continue reading

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Restoration Plan Omega – or – Dreaming in Technicolor

Okay, since it’s already past 9:00 pm here, darkness is starting to set in and I haven’t had a chance (due to kidlet looking after and cleanup from supper and other various problems and distractions) to get out and play … Continue reading

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Can I say that again? I am lucky to have a most amazing partner… So tonight at supper we were talking about the problems with LittleTractor’s transaxle, and what to do about it… Taking it to the dealer (as most of … Continue reading

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Bearing removal and installation thoughts!

So, I got a bunch of advice about what to do about the bearings on those axle housings, and the consensus is I should replace them.  Then of course, the question is, how the heck do I get them OUT … Continue reading

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Whoo hoo! Got the transaxle out!

Went out to take a few measurements off Ernie, then thought, what the heck, I’d try pulling that clevis out, after it sat for a week soaked in WD-40… Bad news is, my ATV jacks safety stops must have slipped, … Continue reading

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Well, SOME progress on the transaxle, but….

So, I got Bror jacked and set down on the jack stands Got the idler spring disconnected, Took off the rims disconnected what I THOUGHT was the brake clevis, Then I pulled all the bolts. For reference, there’s the three … Continue reading

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My next steps with Bror

So, Team Green, one of the other MTF members, asked me last night in the MTF chat room what my next steps will be for Bror… Well, I KNOW the engine runs… But its too cold now here to actually LINE … Continue reading

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