Restoration Plan Omega – or – Dreaming in Technicolor

Okay, since it’s already past 9:00 pm here, darkness is starting to set in and I haven’t had a chance (due to kidlet looking after and cleanup from supper and other various problems and distractions) to get out and play some more in the dirt, I thought I would just think out loud (okay type out loud) about the PLAN…

I was wrong when I said 8 feet wide, musta been thinking metric. 2 30″ x 24 ” pavers plus 1 24″ x 24″ paver = 7 feet… Which I CAN squeeze in without moving the composter… That speeds things up considerably, AND means less dirt to move… AND it means I had LTGal give away our volunteer cherry tree for a valid reason (cherry trees and concrete slabs do NOT mix)… Okay, on to the tractor-y part of the plan (aka, dreaming in Technicolor)…

– Cranky comes in from the family patriarch’s warehouse to sit on the new patio. Wally (the newly named 110H) comes in from Greensail’s to sit on the patio… Both of them, while NOT running, ARE mobile (thank goodness!).

– Cranky becomes donor-tractor:

  • Rims from him go to Wally (the newly named 110H)
  • transaxle goes to Ernie
  • Electrical goes to Wally

– Focus FIRST on seeing if Wally will start. Hopefully the problem with Wally is electrical. I’m pretty confident it is (at least, the initial problem, anyway) as getting nothing when you turn the key has gotta be SOMETHING electrical. That and, I know the electrical system top to bottom after redoing Bror’s… PLUS electrical spares I’ve got… AND I’m a lot better at electrical than I am at the engine mechanicals. Won’t spend TOO much time on this, mind you, as I KNOW Ernie’s electrical is good…

– Swap Cranky’s transaxle onto Ernie to see if just doing that will get me a running (if smoky) 110.

-Compare mowers between Wally and Ernie to see which is better. Pretty sure Ernie’s is better.

– Pull transaxle AND brake rod from unnamed parts 110 at Greensail’s, swap them into Bror.

No problem! All I have to do before I can get to the point where I can DO all this is:

  • Dig out another 15′ x 1′ of dirt to 3 inches
  • Lay down landscaping fabric and stake it
  • load up a ton or so of gravel around from the front driveway into the wheelbarrow (NOT all at the same time)
  • Lay the gravel down as a base for my pavers
  • BUY a bunch of 24″ x 24″ pavers (which might be a problem considering how fast the money is running out this month)
  • Lay down a whole raft of pavers

No problem!

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