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Total Terminal Tractor Teardown!

Well, TODAY I engaged in a little something I like to call…. Total Terminal Tractor TEARDOWN!!! So, as some of you may know, a couple weeks back I picked up a JD 160 for parts… Specifically the transaxle… So today was the DAY! … Continue reading

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Laid some “groundwork” yesterday…

Well, I spent a good chunk of yesterday “laying the groundwork” as it were (ha ha!) for the Plan… Got everything dug down 3 inches. I know, you guys, HOW am I supposed to dig a basement for my garage … Continue reading

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Dug around in Bror’s Transaxle tonight

Well, I did some poking around inside Bror’s transaxle tonight… Pulled EVERYTHING out… And FINALLY, after I’d pulled everything but the brake shaft out, I found this! Remember it, from WAY back in May of 2011? Why is it that anything … Continue reading

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Finally got time to get out to the garage on the 14th, (Jbefore the weather turned cold on us). Cleaned up enough that I was able to get the transaxle onto my little engine stand. Had to put another brace … Continue reading

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Bearing removal and installation thoughts!

So, I got a bunch of advice about what to do about the bearings on those axle housings, and the consensus is I should replace them.  Then of course, the question is, how the heck do I get them OUT … Continue reading

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Cleaned up the transaxle some…

Found my fingernail brushes out in the garage this afternoon, after giving Littletractor a Christmas oil change I thought I’d do a bit more cleanup on Bror’s transaxle… Here’s a before-and-after (sorta) for you all!The BIG question tho, is STILL … Continue reading

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More Transaxle adventures!

Got back out for a bit to work on the transaxle tonight… Pulled off the drive sheave and the hub that sat behind it So that I could get in behind to clean. So here’s the main input shaft… Then … Continue reading

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Started cleaning up the transaxle tonight!

So I went after the transaxle for a bit tonight out in the garage, thanks to Kidlet #2 being handy to keep an ear out for LTBabe…. The hitch plate and rear support for the tractor is bolted onto the … Continue reading

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Whoo hoo! Got the transaxle out!

Went out to take a few measurements off Ernie, then thought, what the heck, I’d try pulling that clevis out, after it sat for a week soaked in WD-40… Bad news is, my ATV jacks safety stops must have slipped, … Continue reading

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Transaxle part way!

Since I got so carried away with trying to get the transaxle out, I DIDN’T take the time to take a pic of it partway out for future reference. Here it is, being held up by my ATV jack. I … Continue reading

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