Finally got time to get out to the garage on the 14th, (Jbefore the weather turned cold on us). Cleaned up enough that I was able to get the transaxle onto my little engine stand.

Had to put another brace underneath it so that it wouldn’t wobble sitting on the brake pulley.

According to the manual, I need to take note of which way the oil seals are sitting when I pull them off…

And there it is, in all of its oily glory… Unfortunately, the case came loose more easily than I would have thought, and I pulled the 3 gear assembly out while lifting the case off! DOH!

AND I knocked the shift gates out of neutral!

Cover looks pretty grubby too…

So, any thoughts on whether this three-gear assembly is chewed up enough to require replacement? It looks like the teeth are kinda mangled (compared to some of the other gears, and compared to the bottom gear in the assembly), but I’ve never seen a NEW one.

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