A couple of family JD Pics

So, my cousin on my mum’s side was going through HIS dad’s old slides to scan them in, and sent these two pictures on to me since he knew I was a JD fan…

So THIS I think is my grandfather…. Initially, I thought it was him riding on Bror, BUT when I looked closer, its actually a 110, manual lift…  So… Hmmmm…. did he borrow one from the dealership to do some mowing sometime?  Sure nice looking, almost looks brand new!  🙂


Edit – My mum doesn’t think its my grandfather, it doesn’t look like their house and he didn’t have a 110 before the 112…. However, sure gives you a good idea of what a 110 looks like in its original habitat in the mid 60s!

This is my Great Uncle Charlie, apparently, sometime in the early 70s….  He’s still alive, nearly 100 years old apparently, so I’ve sent this picture on to his sons to show him…. I asked about the tractor, but they think its long gone.  Sure would be a showpiece to have today!

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