Cool old JD attachment!

So I was going through the pile of tractor documents for my grandfather’s 112H yesterday when a little folded up piece of paper fell out of one of them… When I unfolded it, this is what I found:

Its a four-page manual for the Gen-e-motor! Just finished scanning this puppy in, to preserve it (its in pretty rough shape, paper-wise). A really quick read, and the thing looks like its made by Pincor, but looks like a cheaper “little brother” to the full fledged Pincor gen-set like Deerenut has…. Anyone ever seen or have one of these? Information would be appreciated!

So NOW I’ve got a mission! Obviously, this gem is SOMEWHERE in my dad’s collection of stuff that should belong to the 112…. AND its something I could easily store and clean up and tinker with INSIDE during the cold winter months! Guess I’ll need to talk to my dad to see if he’s seen it lately…

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