Total Terminal Tractor Teardown!

Well, TODAY I engaged in a little something I like to call….

Total Terminal Tractor TEARDOWN!!!

So, as some of you may know, a couple weeks back I picked up a JD 160 for parts… Specifically the transaxle… So today was the DAY! Gutsy goes under the knife!

First the seat…

Then those pesky hidden deck bolts

The naked tractor! Next, the gas tank

There’s the drive belt, and the shifter linkage exposed

Interesting, no c-clip on this rim! Sure hope it comes off nice!

Yup, the left one just slid right off, the right one took some gentle tapping to get it down the shaft

Its FREE!!! Hope it works! Stay tuned for a look inside one of these puppies!

(Whole lot more time later, because I got carried away and forgot to take more pictures…)

So, THIS is what happens when you leave a tractor out in a BAAAD neighborhood!

Oh, the carnage!

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