Getting closer to having doors

So, finally getting some time to make headway on the doors… Between my last post and this one, we obtained a 115″ chunk of bar, I drilled major holes in it (THANKS Mr. Drill Press!), painted it, cut standoffs out of a chunk of 1/2 pipe, painted the standoffs, made all the hangars (who knew I had a talent for freehand bending?!?), mounted them on the doors, discovered I’d mounted them upside down (on the bottom of the door), said screw it, we’re sticking with them that way, made LTGal do the measuring and marking of where the bar was to go…. TODAY… We drilled the pilot holes…

Moved the bar into place

Admired the nice holes

Then mounted the bar!See my nice hangars?!?!

I gotta adjust the shimming in them, then clean them up a bit with the grinder and paint them…

Then we gotta plane a bit off the bottom of each door, because we’re about an eighth of an inch too low on the bar… DOH! 

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