In search of the elusive loader…

Got out to mow this weekend, took a break behind the ramshackle warehouse…  I’d gotten a tip that the loader from my grandfather’s JD 112 was inside here…  So I figured I’d take a look…  Not that I’m ever going to GET it, but I had to see it…  Last time I’d seen it was 25 years ago, in my parent’s back yard

First off… Isn’t this guy just a beaut?!? Coulda used four of these for the door project!  Interestingly enough, this company is still in business… They make garage doors now.

Hmmmm… do I REALLY wanna go in there???


(Wasn’t quick enough to get a pic of the great big feral tomcat that I scared the bejeebers out of when I got inside)…

First of all, can anyone tell me what THIS is? THINK its an MTD… Worth saving? I didn’t walk up to it too close because its on the wood-framed floor over the basement crawlspace, and you can’t see it from THIS picture but there’s some pretty severe sagging going on…

And now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Drumroll please!

A bit closer…

So… why don’t I just make off with it?!?!? Well, THIS might have something to do with it….

Pretty sure its gonna take a forklift….
Oh well, at least  it still exists! Here’s the best part… I’VE got the tractor mounting frame for it in my garage… So, even if someone else WANTED to use it, they couldn’t! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

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