Dug around in Bror’s Transaxle tonight

Well, I did some poking around inside Bror’s transaxle tonight… Pulled EVERYTHING out… And FINALLY, after I’d pulled everything but the brake shaft out, I found this!

Remember it, from WAY back in May of 2011? Why is it that anything you’re really looking for is always in the LAST spot you look in? 

Of course I COULD have just whomped everything back into the transaxle, but I thought I would do a careful inspection of all the gears, like they recommend in the tech manual…. Uh oh…

Here’s the teeth on the Reverse Idler gear…

And the teeth on the 1st/2nd/Reverse Shifter Gear

And the teeth on the 3rd/4th Shifter Gear

And the teeth on the 2-gear cluster…

Also in the instructions was to ensure that any excess grease and oil and contamination was removed… THAT’S gonna be a big job!

And while ONE of the shifter forks has REALLY firm detentes, the other is pretty sloppy and loose… So I suspect I’ll be looking for a new detente ball and spring… Its really starting to look like swapping a different transaxle in might be the way to go… Its not like I don’t have any spares! Although I’m SURE learning a LOT about transaxles poking around in this one!

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