Restoration Plan Omega

Broke ground today on what will hopefully be the site of…Restoration Plan Omega!megaegaegaa..a..a

(Omega, from ancient Greek, “The last”, as in, this is the LAST old, not running tractor I buy!)
This location will soon house Cranky AND the new, un-named 110. With the blessings of LTGal (and even at her instruction) I get to spend this weekend rototilling, digging out the extra topsoil, laying down landscaping fabric, moving a yard of pea gravel from our front yard to the back, and finally, laying 24 x 30 patio pavers down. While this WILL eventually be a patio for general usage, initially it will be storage for 2 more tractors while I perform major transplant surgery to try to get at least ONE of my 3.5 JD 110s running…

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