A little more work done…

After supper, LTGal let me go out and mess about for a while. My goal was to get the engine out and into the garage so I could rip into it and see what was up… So, started with pulling off anything that was holding the engine in.

Throttle cable

The cool little arm bit that hooks in behind the governor plate

Choke cable (so that I know how it goes back on…)

Pulled the carb, and just for giggles cracked it open to see what it looked like. O my goodness it is SO CLEAN! Well… compared to the “Carburetor Raised From the Titanic” off of Bror.., which looked like THIS, in case you don’t remember or haven’t tuned into that thread….

Proceeded to dive underneath to pull the oil plug and undo the engine mount bolts Strangely, I could only find ONE bolt. Hmmm, the rest must be all covered in grease, I thought… Um, nope. Pulled that ONE bolt, and that engine was as loose as a goose! The ONE bolt wasn’t even tight.

So, slipped the primary belt off, and ready to hike the engine off! Well, I pulled the hood mounts off, tho, to make it easier to slide the engine out.

LTGal came out to take a quick pic, as she was impressed with how much I’d been able to get done in 1 day…

AND she was amazed at how much gunk was collected under the engine… I don’t think she saw any of the pix of Bror’s engine compartment…

So, here it sits, in the garage, on my trusty engine cart (which you might remember from such previous teardowns like Bror’s Tec-hh100…), waiting for me to dig in and see what’s going on with it…

So, so far I need the following off Cranky…

Air Cleaner mount
Generator mount rod and bolts
Belt Guard (cause the PO did a torch job on the current one on Wally when they re-mounted the generator at some point)
3 engine mount bolts
Spring that runs from the front of the tractor to tension the big idler that runs the belt back to the mower
POSSIBLY the wiring harness

Off to bed now!

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