Another test run… two steps forward, one back…

Well, didn’t get the kind of time to tractor this weekend that I’d been hoping to. LTGal picked up an unexpected shift at work this weekend, so she was at work all weekend, TractorGrandma was outta town at the cabin, Kidlet #1 and #2 were both tied up, as were my alternate kid-sitters, AND I was totally slammed with work as we’re heading into a new class term tomorrow… Sooo… most of the weekend was me hammering away at work-related things while LTBabe entertained herself with NetFlix (for some reason, I just CAN’T get the My Little Pony theme song out of my head! ). However, Kidlet #1 came home this afternoon to do laundry and agreed to look after LTBabe for a while, I’d gotten my head above water, so out to the garage I rushed! First of all, I rerouted the throttle cable, as, based on Walter’s pix, I was pretty sure I had it running wrong. I pulled the battery case and the dashboard, then pulled the throttle cable back and fed it through the rubber grommet like the choke cable. That gave me several more inches, AND removed it from the vicinity of any electrical. Strapped the dash and the battery case back on, put the nicely newly painted gas tank on, WITH the handy new style of shutoff valve… Had to break to take LTGal for supper after a hard day at work (mmmm Pad Thai and green curry!), then came back and inspected things… Something seemed wrong with the throttle linkage, it was binding up behind the air cleaner, so I checked the manual… I’d put the governor arm together backwards. So pulled it off, flipped it around, hooked everything up, dropped a battery in, added some gas, and

two steps forward, one step back!

One thing I’m worried about, I’m finding oil on the front of the engine, underneath the breather tube. Wonder if my breather is haemorrhaging oil? What do I do about it? And maybe nights this week, I can dig back into the electrical system….


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