John Deere 110 RF Generator Rebuild

Well, teardown anyway…

Thought I should document this process in detail…

Front of the Delco-Remy 12v negative-ground generator

Back of the Delco-Remy 12v negative-ground generator

Getting the generator pulley off. Wrench is a 15/16″. Vice Grips make a handy substitute for a strap wrench. Tricky bit was getting the little half-circle keyway out, it was really jammed in. Wound up using a drift on the back end to pop the front end up enough so that I could pop it out with a cold chisel and hammer..

Wow, there sure IS a lot of soot and crud in there!

Finally got the rear mount popped off, the shaft was REALLY pushed onto the bearing. Grease is all dried up in the grease cup.

Think it could use some new brushes. And definitely a cleanup.

Steel wool to clean the corrosion off the rotor?

Need a major cleanup inside the coils there…

Next step is to get in touch with the guy who sells the rebuild kits for these generators and get myself a set of brushes and springs and bearings…

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