Wow! An Authentic Vintage Part!

Well, my replacement idler sheave came in today (the one to replace the one I stole off of Bror’s hydro pump mount because Wally’s had failed…). And I thought I should quickly post a couple pix of it… The first just because I’d never seen a tag like this on any JD parts before…

So THIS puppy…

is OFFICIALLY a “Vintage Part”! I asked the parts guy about that when I picked it up, because I had commented about how I didn’t understand the availability of some REALLY OLD JD parts like this… He said, well, JD’s got a great big warehouse down in Regina filled with, well, vintage parts… and when they sell out, they’re done. So, two things crossed my mind… First, wow, its a good thing for me that this part doesn’t fail too much… Second, NOW I know where I want to go to for a field trip the next time I’m in Regina!

When I mentioned that last point to the parts guy, he said, “You know, you’re the ONLY person I’ve ever sold parts for one of these old tractors to! You must have, like, one of the last ones in existence!”

I’m sorry, as nice as that feeling would be, but 

(I really ought to bring an MTF business card into this kid!)

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