Got a fair bit of work done over the weekend!

Well, got a fair bit done this past weekend…

Here Wally ALMOST dressed for snow!

I DID take the time to put the PTO clutch on, just for the heck of it… I was cleaning up and found it and the belt lying in one of the bins, so I figured why not!

And I’d like to send a HUGE “Thankyou!” out to KWDAILY and Grnspt110 on MTF for their fantastic ideas last fall for putting on the wheel weights, which took it from a 45 minute job with lots of cussing and grunting to 10 minutes of easy application!

Figured I couldn’t go another winter without safety lighting so….

Then I did the chains on Wally…

I like to lay them out first to get all the crosslinks sorted out, then jack, deflate the tires a bit, then wrap, then hook, then re-inflate. I DID learn something important tonight tho…

I can’t run the 1000 watt heater, the 250 watt work light, the overheads and then run down the garage door…. Things go dark awful quick! Oh, and, I can’t run the 1000 watt heater, the 250 watt work light, the overheads, then have the compressor cut in… Strangely enough, everything goes dark THEN too!

And figured what the heck, while I’ve got the empty garage, I’ll do the summer to winter conversion for LittleTractor. I took a few minutes while rolling the blower around to check his shear bolt…

and make sure that the auger was still freed up with the bolt removed.

Looks like it. Well, then I figured I should get the tractors arranged in some way that LTGal can park in the garage, and the tractors aren’t in her way. This required some significant moving around of stuff, but here’s the “New Arrangement”!


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